Picking Hotel Rooms for Business Travelers

At one point or another, you — as a business manager, sales executive, or company owner, will have to travel not for pleasure but for business. Your needs as a traveler differs radically from the holiday-maker, so you should also pick your hotel in a different way. Here are five things to keep in mind when booking your next business trip accommodations — to ensure a productive and pleasurable stay.

Full-sized Desk: Check if the hotel room includes a full-sized desk in the room — that way, you do not have to make do with a small side table, the dresser, or your bed to set up your laptop and lay out your paperwork in. There’s nothing worse than discovering that the contract you spent all night preparing was crumpled beyond repair when you accidentally sat on it on your hotel bed. 분당풀싸롱

Ergonomic Work Chair: Pick a hotel that provides guests with an ergonomic work chair aside from a work desk. Otherwise, it will be an absolute nightmare working through a horrible back-ache, caused by sitting all day in a chair lacking proper support.

High-speed Wireless Internet: Make sure you are able to communicate with your home office effortlessly and efficiently by booking a room with a hotel that offers high-speed wireless internet connections. It may save your entire trip if in case you forgot an important presentation in your work computer, or if you have to ask your personal assistant for some last minute errands.

Coffeemaker and Microwave Oven: Sometimes, you really have to work through the night, and nothing is better at keeping your spirits up than a hot cup of coffee and a warm sandwich. While some hotels force you to order room service to enjoy such late-night treats, others give you the freedom and flexibility to prepare your own coffee just the way you like it.

Fully-equipped Business Center: For those race-to-the-finish printing, faxing, and copying needs, a fully-equipped business center is indispensable for business travelers. By booking a room with a hotel that has everything you need right under its roof, it saves you the worry and frustration of looking for a reliable copy center in an unfamiliar city.


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