F19 Pro Review – A Comprehensive Workout Enthusiast’s Review


The Oppo F19 Pro is a powerful device that is perfect for someone who travels a lot. It features a unique dual camera setup. This means that the front and rear cameras are able to take crisp images no matter where you are located. Plus, the OPPO F19 Pro fits easily in your pocket and is quite lightweight making it easier to travel with. You can also take videos or record your activity and watch them on the LCD screen of the device while you are traveling. F19 Pro

With a single charge the phone can last for over two days. The cell weighs only 172g so it’s a bit heavier then the F 17 Pro however it’s perfectly curved on the side so holding it isn’t a problem at all. Note that even though the battery is slightly larger than its predecessors, 172g is nothing compared to its 180 to 190g rivals that is considerably heavier. It is also worth noting that the battery life on the f19 pro is nearly double of the sony xplod car audio wirings so you will have plenty of hours of music and movies on the go.

Another positive aspect of the Oppo F19 Pro is that the screen is covered by glass. This means that you will be able to read text on the device even in bright sunlight. This in turn ensures that you don’t get distracted by low light images. The screen is also touch sensitive allowing you to use the device without having to hold the buttons as you would with many cell phones.

One negative point of this device is the fact that it does not have a built in flash charge. If you own an iPhone or are planning on getting one in the future you will be disappointed to find out that the F19 Pro is unable to charge your device with a built in flash. Although it has a fast charging rate the overall charge time of the battery is quite long. Other cell phones such as the iPod Touch or the Motorola Defy can charge your device in just a few minutes. The iPhone takes a little longer to actually charge fully.

In the interest of accuracy I have included a link at the bottom of this F19 Pro Price Review to a website where I have compared the unit with other units in the same category. My findings of course vary from these other reviews so they are there for you to read. The good thing about comparing these products is that the prices are usually very similar meaning that if you are looking to save a few pounds then you should definitely check out the Oppo F19 Pro Max. However you should always consider whether or not you actually need all the functions offered on this model.

I have found that the F19 Pro Max can do everything that I would need from my smartphone. Apart from recording the workout to watch the fitness program that I am following, I can also connect to my social media sites, download and upload songs, videos and images. The battery does last for a while but if I use the headphones while training it can become uncomfortable due to the earbud headphones plugged into the ear. I am aware that other products have larger batteries but I would still recommend that you check out the f19 pro max. It is quite small so it easily fit into my pocket and does not take up too much space in my bag.

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