Elements of the Chinese Zodiac – Relationships

So, you’re curious about the Chinese Zodiac? Well, there’s lots to learn, but in actuality, the Chinese Zodiac is a bit simpler than the Western Zodiac.

The Chinese Astrology Signs are based on a number of things. The primary two things the Chinese Zodiac revolves around are Zodiac Animals and the Elements. both of which are quite easy to remember. This post talks about the Five Chinese Elements, but you can read about the Chinese Zodiac Animals in this post on my website. Don’t leave yet, though! Let’s dig in and learn a little bit about the elements before we tackle the 12 Zodiac Animals.

The five Chinese Elements are – Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, and Metal (why is Metal considered an element? Great questions! I’ve wondered that myself). To further complicate things, each element is connected to one of the planets in the solar system. If you’re wondering “where is Air?”, he makes his appearance over in the Western Zodiac. Fire, Water, and Earth appear in both Western and Eastern astrology. They must have good talent agents. Anyway, here are the planets:

Fire – Mars

Wood – Jupiter

Water – Mercury

Earth – Saturn

Metal – Venus

Now, don’t bother mentioning that there is no wood on Jupiter or metal on Venus. Also don’t ask why Earth element isn’t associated with Earth the planet. None of these questions will help you understand Chinese Astrology any better and will probably just annoy most astrologers, who are a rather serious and unfunny bunch in general.

The elements have structured relationships with one another – each element has a “destructive” pairing, a “beneficial” pairing, and a “hostile” pairing. What this means is that people who were born in that elemetal year will react to people born under different elements in certain, predictable ways. Generally the pairings are simple logic:


Water creates Wood

Wood creates Fire

Fire creates Earth

Earth creates Metal preethi zodiac mg 218

Metal creates Water

I shouldn’t have to say this by now, but don’t ask why Metal creates Water, because you won’t get an answer you’ll be happy with. Just accept it.

Now the destructive relationships, what fun!


Water puts out Fire

Fire melts Metal

Metal cuts Wood

Wood breaks down Earth

Earth absorbs Water

Ah, these make a bit more sense! So destructive pairings make for difficult relationships. For example, even though Rooster and Snake make a great romantic couple, there may be friction between them if the pairing is a Fire Rooster with a Metal Snake, or a Earth Snake with a Water Rooster. Though, now that I think about it, a Fire Rooster would basically be a Phoenix, and no one gets along with Phoenixes. You just can’t take them out anywhere with anything flammable. A night out for drinks? Forget it!

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